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Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr. Cohn is proud to offer the most advanced technology available for patients with cataracts: gentle, bladeless, computer guided cataract removal. This advanced laser system, the Alcon LensX laser, is designed to deliver the best visual results with unsurpassed precision and accuracy.  


For the past two decades, cataract surgery has typically been performed with a small knife to make the surgical incision and a small needle to open the surface of the cloudy lens in the eye.  Now, in less than two minutes, a highly precise femtosecond laser makes a painless, self-sealing incision at the edge of the cornea and makes a flawless, perfectly-round opening in the front of the cataract.  The laser also helps to vaporizes the cataract, which uses less energy in the eye and is safer for the patient.  In addition, this groundbreaking technology allows tiny computer-guided incisions to help reduce astigmatism and improve your vision.  


We also feature the finest proven all-in-one procedures including ReSTOR and Toric intraocular lens implants, which can make great improvements in one's quality of life by reducing dependence on both distance and reading glasses.


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PLAY VIDEO explaining the difference between standard cataract surgery and bladeless laser cataract surgery.

femtosecondscreen femtolaser

Computer images of the eye taken just before

laser cataract surgery with the Alcon LenSx Laser